Emergent Services

We are available on an on-call basis to travel to the hospital when a family has experienced a loss, is in labor with a child that has died, or is in labor with a child that is not expected to live. After delivery, we can help the family bathe and clothe the baby, as well as get hand prints, foot prints, imprints of hands and feet, as well as take photos for keepsake. 

Support Group

Support groups are available to help with depression, how to cope with the holidays (Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, missed birthdays), ways to remember your baby and how to celebrate your baby.

Please check our Facebook and Events Page for dates. 

Doula - Stillbirth or Rainbow Baby

Doula services are available to you if you are experiencing a pregnancy that will end in loss. We can help you cope with the news, learn how to enjoy the pregnancy and the moments you will have with your baby, as well as how to prepare for the birth and death of your little one. We can also help plan your baby's funeral, if requested. All of this is offered at no cost to the family. Monetary help for the funeral is currently not available.

Doula services are also offered to individuals who have experienced a prior loss, and are pregnant again.